domenica 28 dicembre 2014

Somalia: Al-Shabaab executes young man for suspected spying

Radio Bar-Kulan
Al-Shabaab militants have executed a young man for suspected spying for the Federal Government of Somalia.
The group executed the man in front of a crowd in Biyo Ade, 40 kilometer outside of Jowhar, the capital of central Shabelle region.

Eyewitnesses told Bar-Kulan the group invited a crowd to witness the execution of the man whom they suspected was on a spying mission for the Mogadishu government.

Witnesses said the executed man was a resident in the area, and there was no indication that he was working with the government.

Al-Shabaab militant group which is fighting to topple the government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has previously executed people it suspected of spying.

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