martedì 25 agosto 2015

UN Human Rights Expert Francois Crepeau: EU Should do More to Help Migrants

A U.N. human rights expert says fences, tear gas, threats and deprivation of food, water and shelter won't keep refugees and migrants away.
Francois Crepeau, the U.N. special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, says EU members should focus on controlling but not sealing borders, fighting anti-migrant sentiment and ensuring that migrants and asylum-seekers can move around, get jobs and integrate.
In a statement Tuesday, Crepeau said: "Let's not pretend that what the EU and its member states are doing is working. Migration is here to stay,"

Many European countries have been struggling to cope with a recent wave of migration.

Crepeau said EU officials should do more to counteract people-smugglers and create a massive resettlement program for refugees fleeing violence and persecution from places like Eritrea and Syria.

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