sabato 17 febbraio 2018

URGENT APPEAL TO SAVE THOMAS WHITAKER, scheduled to be executed on February 22. He spent 15 years on Texas the death row

Comunità di Sant'Egidio
We endorse the appeal launched by Catholic Mobilizing Action

Thomas Bartlett Whitaker (born December 31, 1979), previously known as Bart Whitaker, is a Texas death row inmate at the Polunsky Unit near Livingston. He is scheduled to die by lethal injection at the Huntsville death chamber on February 22, 2018 as a result of his conviction for the December 10, 2003.

Thomas "Bart" Whitaker is scheduled to be executed on February 22, 2018 in Texas. Thomas' father, Kent Whitaker - who survived the attack from his son, which killed his wife and 19-year-old son - has been outspoken in his opposition to his eldest son's execution. Rather than experience another loss, Kent Whitaker hopes for continued reconciliation and restoration with his son. The death penalty is not restorative. Catholic Mobilizing Network calls on all people of goodwill to oppose this action. Advocate for clemency for Thomas by sending a letter to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. In Texas, the Governor MUST have the recommendation of clemency from a board or advisory group. We invite you to voice your opposition and demand that the state of Texas respect the dignity of all life with this prepared letter.

In your letter, please include this information: full name: Thomas Whitaker; birth date: December 31, 1979; TDCJ#999522. You are welcome and encouraged to customize this letter.

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