venerdì 27 dicembre 2013

Iran: Two executions on Christmas day

Death Penalty News
Iran Human Rights,25: Two prisoners were hanged in the prison of Mashhad (north-eastern Iran) today, reported the Iranian state media.
Quoting the head of the prison organization in Khorasan Province, the news site Asr-e-Iran reported that two prisoners convicted of murder were hanged in the prison of Mashhad today, December 25.

One of the prisoners was a 30 year old drug-addict who was convicted of murdering his wife in 2009, while the other prisoner was a young man who had murdered the husband of a woman he had an affair with.

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  1. The Iranian government executes many innocent people and often political prisoners under the pretext of drug abusers, etc. Even when the drug abusers are executed, the intention is not to fight crime, since its the government and the IRGC that is behind all the drug smuggling. The real intention is to intimidate the public not to stand up against their repressive rule.
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